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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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Add Fedora4 Proposal
Loading data from an ILS into Solr isn’t so hard, unless it needs to be dynamic, fast, and hold more data than what can be found in 1.5 million MARC records. Some additional information we’ve incorporated are from Syndetics, ILS circulation, and OverDrive. We’ll share the nitty gritty details and what we learned about dynamic Solr indexing, including how to get good performance, how to deal with indexing failures, how to schedule it all to keep the data up-to-date, and some things you can do with that data such as popularity ratings.
== Fedora 4, Survey of Core Capabilities and External Modules: ==
* Andrew Woods,, DuraSpace
Now that the production release of Fedora 4.0 is out, the time is right to take a step back and review the core capabilities offered by Fedora:
* Basic CRUD
* Versioning
*- Transactions
* etc
...and take a closer look at the supported external modules:
* Authorization
* Solr integration
* Triplestore integration
* Camel integration
* etc
In addition to clarifying specific implementation details, this is an opportunity to surface community requirements which may have not been addressed in the initial release.

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