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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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Remediation of legacy data can be automated only so much. Certain essential cleanup tasks, such as aligning a name with the correct authorized version, is very difficult for a computer yet trivial for a person. While it is these types remediations that will allow an institution to take advantage and participate in the web of Linked Open Data, a wholly manual approach is unrealistic. However, by augmenting automated remediation with a light human touch we can quickly and efficiently reach our goals. This talk will look at tools and methods being developed at NYPL Labs to empower library staff and the public to help clean up our legacy metadata through collaborative remediation.
==VuFind + WorldCat: Open Source Discovery Meets Big Library Data==
* Karen A. Coombs,, OCLC
* Demian Katz,, Villanova University
Good collaboration is crucial to any integration. Our project, to integrate the open source discovery tool, VuFind, with results from the new WorldCat Discovery API, is no different. We want to exploit the flexibility of VuFind and add the depth and breadth of WorldCat and central index content. Plus, the project has the potential to eliminate the hurdle of exporting and indexing MARC records for 32 VuFind libraries.
While we are really excited about the UI enhancements, we are also curious to see how we can share our domain expertise between our two organizations to get the project done quickly. How will different perspectives shape our existing code bases? How will we adjust to working on the same code base simultaneously? And how can we best incorporate what we learn along the way?
There is also new territory to explore using the API: integrating bibliographic and article data into a single results set. And the overarching question: will we be able to take advantage of Linked Data in the WorldCat Discovery API to create some “glue” between records in existing VuFind indexes and third-party data providers?
This presentation will discuss our adventures in the OCLC WorldShare Platform/VuFind collaboration: the opportunities, challenges and results. You’ll learn what worked, what didn’t and how you can improve your own discovery interface integration project—no matter what provider or APIs you use.

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