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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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In that case, build your own Bootstrap! In this talk we will discuss techniques for using some of the emerging tools from the front-end development and design communities to create a maintainable, modular in-house Sass toolkit that we are implementing within a variety of tools including Drupal, Rails applications, in house PHP applications, as well as within vendor solutions like Libguides and ILLiad. Some specific tools we will discuss are Grunt, Bower, and Sass tools like Singularity, Breakpoint, and Bourbon.
== Plz to let me download this ebook: an idea for better leisure reading access ==
* Lauren Ajamie,, University of Notre Dame
(I haven't presented at Code4Lib before)
The landscape of finding and getting fiction (and non-fiction for leisure reading) has changed dramatically in the past few years, and one of the most disruptive new developments could turn out to be Oyster, a "Netflix for books" ebook subscription. While somewhat expensive and with a developing selection of materials, the platform is amazingly easy to use, and makes finding and reading ebooks a two step process: find a book, start reading. Compare this to getting ebooks (or even print books) from your library, a process which could take multiple user names and up to a dozen steps. For both the future of libraries, and my own selfish desires, I want to make this better! This speculative talk will discuss an idea I have (that I will need help with) to make finding and borrowing leisure reading materials less frustrating, and will hopefully result in a library-wide conversation about the discovery of, and access to, leisure reading materials.

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