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PBCore RDF Hackathon

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<br>The Schema Team is working on an updated version of PBCore (PBCore 2.1), the changes of which will consist of minor tweaks and bug fixes, and is expected to be released in March 2015. Other Teams on the Subcommittee are working on PBCore outreach, education, documentation, and a new website.
== Working Groups ==
Participants should sign up for a working group. On the days of the event, these sections will be filled with suggestions and links to documentation created by the working groups.
=== Intellectual Content Working Group ===
Casey E. Davis, WGBH, @caseyedavis1
=== Intellectual Property Working Group ===
=== Instantiation Working Group ==
=== Essence Track Working Group ===
=== Documentation Working Group ===
Casey E. Davis, WGBH, @caseyedavis1
== Suggested Reading & Preparation ==

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