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PBCore RDF Hackathon

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Please also fill out this form:<br><br>'''>>> When, Where, What time?'''
<br>Date: '''Friday & Saturday, February 7-8, 2015'''
<br>Time: '''~8:30am-5pm''' (with option of continued work throughout the conference at the same location)
== What will be the format of the event? ==
In advance of the hackathon, participants are asked to [ fill out this form ] so that we can get a sense of the experience and skills of those who plan to attend. On the first day of the event, we will begin with welcome and introductions, review the agenda, and then break into groups to work on a variety of tasks. Groups may be identified as those working on intellectual content, intellectual property, technical, etc.
The days themselves will be structured something like this. Coffee/tea will be provided. Lunch is on your own.

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