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2015 Craft Drinkup

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| Sarah Simpkin || Accepting requests for tasty Quebecois beers -- [ see this list for breweries]. Otherwise will grab a small selection. Contact me at sarahsimpkin at :-) || Hefeweizen-y beers appreciated
|Coral Sheldon-Hess || Bourbon-barrel aged assam tea (1oz), Whiskey Cinnamon Snap rooibos tea (~1.5 oz), and a Brandy Oolong tea (.5 oz), plus 1-2 reusable brewing device) devices || Ginger ales rawr my favorite thing!ale, anything bourbony, anything imperial and stoutish
| mx matienzo || Transmitter Brewing B2, De Molen SSS Triple Stout 2011, perhaps a couple southern Upstate NY ciders, ...? || Saisons, sours and gueuzes, weird ciders, other horseblankety stuff

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