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2015 Preconference Proposals

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* Confessionals, for those willing to share. Let's learn from our own (and each others') failures.
* Group therapy. Vent about your own experiences in a judgment-free setting. Explore how we can make our organizations less risk-averse and more failure-tolerant.
'''Case Study 1: The rollout'''
* [ Adrianne Jeffries (The Verge): Thanks a lot,]
* [ Loren Thompson (Forbes): diagnosis: the government broke every rule of project management]
* Optional, nice summary: [ Bo Crader (npEngage): Lessons learned from the rollout]
* Optional, very enterprisey: [ Alex Woodie (EnterpriseTech): The hyperscale lessons of]
'''Case Study 2: The Challenger disaster'''
* [ Engineering Ethics: The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster (case study instructor's guide)]
** This is designed as an instructor's guide, but the summary material beginning on page 3 stands on its own as a case study report. The instructor's materials on the first couple pages are also worth reading.
* [ NBC News: Shuttle report blames NASA culture]
* Optional, good technical detail: [ Wikipedia: Space Shuttle Challenger disaster]
* Optional: [ Richard Feynman: Appendix F: Personal observations on the reliability of the Shuttle (Rogers Commission excerpt)]
''Interested in attending''

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