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2015 Preconference Proposals

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==== Coding Custom Solutions for Every Department in the Library with File Analyzer ====
Morning, Galleria I
* Terry Brady, Georgetown University Library,
====Confessions of the (Accidental) Code Hoarder: How to make your Code Sharable:====
Morning, Parlor A
* Karen A. Coombs, OCLC,
==== Delivering and Preserving GIS Data ====
Morning, Council
* Darren Hardy, Stanford University,
* Jack Reed, Stanford University,
====Linked Data Workshop====
Morning, Studio
* Karen Estlund, University of Oregon,
* Tom Johnson, DPLA,
====RailsBridge: Intro to programming in Ruby on Rails====
Morning, Galleria II
* Contact Carolyn Cole, Penn State University,
* Laney McGlohon, Stanford University,
====Replace yourself with a painfully complex bash script...or try Ansible====
Morning, Galleria III
* Chad Nelson, chad dot nelson @ lyrasis dot org
====Visualizing Library Data====
Morning, Grand Ballroom II
* Matt Miller,, New York Public Library, NYPL Labs
====Code Retreat====
Full Day, Parlor B
* Jeremy Friesen, University of Notre Dame, jfriesen at nd dot edu
* Additional facilitators welcome; Especially if you have CodeRetreat experience.
====Code4Arc ====
Full Day, Directors
* Sarah Romkey, Artefactual Systems,
* Justin Simpson, Artefactual Systems,
====[ code4lib/Write The Docs barcamp]====
Full day, Parlor C
* code4lib wrangler: Becky Yoose, yoosebec at grinnell dot edu
* Write the Docs contacts: TBA
==== A hands-on introduction to GeoBlacklight ====
Afternoon, Gallerie 3
* Darren Hardy, Stanford University,
* Jack Reed, Stanford University,
==== CollectionSpace: Getting it up and running at your museum ====
Afternoon, Galleria II
* Richard Millet,,
* Becky Escamilla, Oakland Museum of California,
==== Dive into Hydra ====
Afternoon, Studio
* Justin Coyne, Data Curation Experts,
==== DPLA API Workshop: ====
Afternoon, Grand Ballroom II
* Audrey Altman, DPLA
* Mark Breedlove, DPLA
==== Fail4Lib 2015 ====
Afternoon, Galleria I
* Andreas Orphanides, akorphan (at)
* Jason Casden, jmcasden (at)
==== Intro to Docker ====
Afternoon, Galleria III
* John Fink, McMaster University, john dot fink at gmail dot com
* Francis Kayiwa, University of Maryland Libraries , fkayiwa at umd dot edu
==== Intro to Git & possibly beyond ====
Afternoon, Parlor A
* Erin Fahy, Stanford University,
* Shaun Trujillo, Mount Holyoke College,
==== Presentations workshop ====
Afternoon, Grand Ballroom I
* Chris Beer, Stanford University,
* Additional facilitators welcome.

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