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2015 Social Activities

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Karaoke, Wednesday February 11: -- added more info about vbsongs and some advice from a voicebox regular
'''Cost:''' About $15 (depending on number of people and how long we stay) plus whatever food & drink you order<br/>
'''Details:''' '''''Update''''' We've upgraded to the $80/hr room that can hold up to 30 people.
'''Song List''': Create an account at [ VBSongs] if you want to plan/save your playlist in advance!You can also use it to queue songs to sing direct from your mobile device.'''Advice from a PDX local Voicebox regular:''' With a group this size, we might consider setting some ground rules to make sure everyone gets to sing, for example, don't queue more than one song in a row, don't have more than two songs in the queue, etc...
# Michael Klein (@mbklein)
# Chad Nelson (@bibliotechy)
# Jennifer Lindner
# Marijane White (@marijane)
== Social Map - Places of Interest==

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