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Mentorship Program

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David Anderson - Looking to get some (any) experience with Solr and/or Drupal. Happy to contribute a small amount of free labor to interesting projects in exchange for knowledge. Currently a federal systems librarian, got MLS a year and a half ago. Been in the library field for 9 years in a wide variety of roles, if anyone wants to learn from my mistakes.
Jeffrey Sabol - Would like to gain experience coding in Ruby and RubyonRail. I would also like to learn about Solr and SQL databases. If anybody currently uses OCLC's WMS I would like to learn more about that system. I currently work as the Electronic Resources and Systems Librarian at Marymount California University. I would be willing to assist and help with any projects project that would help me learn these skills.
== Code4Lib Community Projects for Mentorship Opportunities ==

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