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NECode4lib 2015 Home

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'''Registration Cost''' - Free!
'''Registration Link''' - link forthcoming
'''Planning Committee''' - Matt Bernhardt (, Jeremy Prevost (, Joe Montibello (, Matt Sherman (, Abigail Baines (, Jennifer Eustis (, Sharon Clapp (, Andromeda Yelton (, David Mayo (, Maura Carbone (, Christina Harlow (
===Friday, May 29===
To be determinedannounced
You can register here: '''Registration is free.''' We have tables and chairs for about 60 people. We will have an EventBrite page setup soon for registering. If you signed up and are unable to attend please contact us, so that we can make room for others.
==Mailing list==
NECode4Lib has low-traffic [!forum/code4lib-ne NECode4Lib Google Group]. Consider subscribing.

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