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Transportation: Adding walking directions from Kendall/MIT stop to Building 34 (home of Grier Rooms)
* MIT can be reached by car, train, or bus.
* If you are going to drive all the way to campus, MIT's parking information can be found here:
* Another popular option is to take the MBTA red line to campus, and get off at the Kendall/MIT stop. From therethe station, it is a relatively short walk down Main Street (passing the Kendall Hotel on your left, walking away from Chipotle). Turn left on Vassar Street / Galileo Way, and walk past the Stata Center until you get to building 34. The Grier Room is on the fourth floor. For walking directions via Google Maps, visit On the map link above, the Kendall/MIT stop is just outside building E38. Parking is also available at the terminal stations on the red line - the easiest to reach if you are coming from outside Boston is probably Alewife in Arlington.
* If you're arriving via bus, there are a number of lines that run by campus. Consult the MBTA website (or Google Maps) for more information.
* We are also looking into helping arrange carpooling. More information to come.

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