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==Code4Lib NorCal 2014==
Mailing List: Brand Spanking New, Code4Lib Northern California group [ mailing list/Google group]. Consider subscribing
* Code4Lib NorCal (Bay Area) Meetup, Monday, July 28 at [https,+San+Mateo,+CA+94404/@37.5621565,code4lib-122.2861219,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x808f9ec1bac65f2d:0xf93c31cf46a00aaa 777 Mariners Island Blvd, San Mateonorcal Google Groups]. 10am - 3pm. Free parking, no permit needed.
** [[What should Code4Lib NorCal Do?]]** [[Prepared Talk Proposals]]** [[NorCal 2014 Lightning Talks]]** [[NorCal 2014 Breakout Sessions]]Next Meeting:
** [[NorCal 2014 Schedule]]tentatively August at Stanford, CA — talk signups & more information coming soon… Past Meetings: ** [[NorCal Code4Lib Norcal 2014 Signups]]** As for all Code4Lib events a [[Bay Area Code of Conduct|Code of Conduct]] applies.
==Code4Lib SoCal==

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