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Logistics and planning info for the 2015 C4L MDC Meetup.
'''Organizing folks'''
* Andrea Medina-Smith
* Ben Wallberg
* Bill Helman
* Bohyun Kim
* Bria Parker
* Francis Kayiwa
* Josh Westgard
* Laura Wrubel
* Neil M. Frau-Cortes
(Please add your name if you are attending and willing to help organizing!)
'''Details, schedule, and registration'''
** Registration is free, but please do register if you are planning to attend (so we can plan accordingly)!
** 8/11: Prepared talks (Morning), Unconference (Afternoon)
** 8/12: Hackathon and Workshops
'''20-minute talks - feel free to sign up'''
* IMLS Grant Opportunities for Digital Library Projects --[[User:Tjowens|Tjowens]] ([[User talk:Tjowens|talk]]) 08:15, 16 July 2015 (PDT)
* CSV validation scripts for metadata wrangling -- Josh Westgard
* Omeka S: The multisite and linky next generation of Omeka -- Patrick Murray-John
* Users, UX, & Technology: Going hi-tech with your classroom AV system -- Bohyun Kim
* What We're Doing with our DH Mellon Grant - Mackenzie Brooks
'''Unconference discussion topic - feel free to sign up'''
* DSpace and everything around the Dspace ecosystem. -- Ben Wallberg to lead
* Omeka S connectors -- To What, How, and Why should Omeka connect to other systems (DSpace (Hi, Ben!), Fedora, etc) -- Patrick Murray-John
* Makerspace programs and events: ideas and discsusion -- Bohyun Kim (If there are enough people working on this)
* [ JupyterHub] for documenting code/data practices, and instruction.
* Github for dummies - A. Medina-Smith to lead
* Research data - What is everyone doing with research data? What ''should'' we be doing (storage, collection, analysis; all, none, or more)? - Julia Blase (and some SIL folks)
'''Hackathon ideas - feel free to post'''
* A simple transcription tool for Fedora or Omeka-based digital collections
* Integrate Omeka and [ CollectionSpace]
'''Workshop topics - feel free to sign up'''
* All your Logs are belong to us.
A workshop on how to do central logging of server logs. using Elasticsearch, Logstash/lumberjack and Kibana. Users will leave with a basic understanding of how to use these three tools to look at logs of all sorts up to and including the tweets.
'''Code of Conduct'''
The Code4Lib [ Code of Conduct] is in force at every Code4Lib gathering. Please read it, abide by it, and help to enforce it.

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