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2015 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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Tentative Thursday, July 23rd
10:00 - 10:20: Building Linked Data into your MARC records<br />
Terry Reese (Ohio State University) -- I'll discuss how MarcEdit does this linking, and share the C# source code that the tool is utilizing within the linking plug-in/assembly.
<br />
1:20 - 1:40: Remediating Loss: emerging roles for librarians - <br />Angela Galvan (Ohio State)<br />Presentation: complicates grief and loss in unexpected ways which researchers are only beginning to understand. This presentation discusses thanatosensitive information management, and a growing need to frame the dead as a user group. This talk can form around the interests of attendees. (20 minutes, either day.)
1:40 - 3:00: Workshop (this time is fungible -- it might move slightly)<br />

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