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2016 Invited Speakers Nominations

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I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't want to keynote code4lib.
== Helen Horstmann-Allen == promised its customers a lifetime email address, and found a loyal following immediately (check out the contact information in Ed Summers's nomination). In addition to email addresses and accounts, their customers requested reliable email-based discussion forums, mailing lits, and newsletters, so they created Philadelphian Helen Horstmann-Allen has been president of IC Group, the home of and, since 2000; prior to that, she was its director of operations, and she's been in charge of since 1997. She's in love with Philadelphia and food -- thus [ Philly Foodie] -- and can be found on [ Twitter], too.
[ Jenn Schiffer] ([ Twitter]), aka jennmoneydollars, is an open web engineer at [ Bocoup] and lives in New Jersey (a relatively easy commute from Philadelphia). She's good at making art with code and great at telling jokes. She was previously a senior front-end developer for the National Basketball Association and, before that, taught and evaluated computer science education at Montclair State University, her alma mater (BS and MS in Computer Science). She also organizes JerseyScript, a developer meetup based in New Jersey, which is just one of several ways she's working to attract and retain more people in the web development community. She's made a lot of [ recent podcast appearances and presentations at conferences].
==Ed Summers==
"Ed Summers is Lead Developer at MITH. Ed has been working for two decades helping bridge the worlds of libraries and archives with the World Wide Web. During that time Ed has worked in academia, start-ups, corporations and the government. He is interested in the role of open source software, community development and open access to enable digital curation. Ed has a MS in Library and Information Science and a BA in English and American Literature from Rutgers University." Aside from the ever-entertaining Congressedits, Ed has been doing a lot of interesting data manipulation and visualization of Twitter (and possibly other social media), representing an interesting approach to "archiving the NOW." He's ehs at
==Audrey Watters==

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