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2016 Invited Speakers Nominations

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In February 2015, LFP won a ~$250,000 two-year grant through the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge, which enabled her to work on LFP full-time. Prior to that, she was the technology librarian/IT manager at the Watertown (Massachusetts) Free Public Library.
== Katrina Owen ==
Katrina Owen is the creator of [ exercism], a FLOSS project that supports students who are learning to code by giving them practice problems and real world feedback. Exercises are currently available in Clojure, CoffeeScript, C++, C#, Emacs Lisp, Elixir, Erlang, F#, Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Lisp Flavoured Erlang (LFE), Common Lisp, Lua, Objective-C, OCaml, Perl 5, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Scheme, and Swift, and exercism developers are in the process of adding ECMAScript, Groovy, Nimrod, Perl 6, Pony, Racket, Standard ML, and VB.NET. Katrina Owen is herself a polyglot developer and Ruby Hero award winner who has spoken at numerous conferences; example talks include: [ Hacking Passion]; [ Overkill]; [ Here Be Dragons]; and [ Therapeutic Refactoring]. She accidentally became a developer while pursuing a degree in molecular biology, and began nitpicking code in 2006 while volunteering at JavaRanch. When programming, her focus is on automation, workflow optimization, and refactoring. She is passionate about open source and contributes to several projects outside of exercism. Learn more on [ GitHub] and [ Twitter].
== Lauren Pressley ==

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