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2016 Invited Speakers Nominations

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Updated Audrey Watters nomination
== Audrey Watters ==
Audrey Watters is an education writer with a focus on ed-tech. She is the author of [ The Monsters of Education Technology], a collection of her lectures , and she is currently working on two more books, [ Teaching Machines] and [Claim Your Domain Your Domain], both due out in 2015. According to She created [ her upcoming talks pageHack Education] in June 2010 shortly after she could became a technology journalist because she was frustrated by the lack of coverage of education technology. Hack Education was always intended to be available the sort of publication that she would want to share read: smart and snarky, free of advertising and investor influence, and focused on tracking new technologies but not just because of some hyperbolic "revolution." Read more on [ her insights with code4libwebsite], on [ Twitter], and on [ GitHub].
== Gabriel Weinberg ==

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