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2016 Invited Speakers Nominations

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Kate Krauss: update with bio she sent
== Kate Krauss ==
 Kate Krauss is West Philly based the Director of Communications and Public Policy for the [ Tor Project], a nonprofit organization that builds free, online privacy tools that allow users to defy shoe companies and intelligence agencies alike while they stay free and anonymous on the internet. She is As a passionate human rights advocate for internet privacy , Kate lead several successful campaigns to free public health experts and information freedomhuman rights activists who were imprisoned in China. She is also became interested in internet freedom when she sought help from San Francisco hackers to aid a well-known Chinese health advocate whose huge, popular web site for people with hepatitis had been taken down by the Chinese government.  Prior to her work in online privacy, she served as Executive Director of the AIDS Policy projectProject, where she lead a long successful effort to move $35 million into cure research at the US National Institutes of Health and wrote groundbreaking reports that showed for the first time how little the world was investing in the search for a cure for AIDS activist. Kate has been chosen twice as one of the Poz 100, and an artistone of the top 100 people working in AIDS in the world. [http://technicalShe was a very early member of the renowned AIDS activist group ACT has also spoken at several hacker conferences, including Chaos Communications Congress, where she delivered a talk on how mass surveillance in China was converted into political repression. (However-krauss/ Links to -*has* a few articles about her work]sense of humor!)
== Alison Macrina ==

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