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== First Second meeting agenda == # Voting mechanism## Get responses from LPC# Allyship Preconference Question## Get responses from LPC == First meeting notes ==
# Group documentarian
## Christina for this meeting; someone else in the future (to be determined at start of each meeting)
# Timeframe
## '''Registration Opening Date''': Target date to open registration is Dec 10th. However that may be pushed back to early January depending on how firm the budget numbers are. This should not change our plans to have ready list of pre-conferences by December 10th. See the main trello for more info: trello 'master schedule' and other information workspace: Target date '''Proposal Form:''' Proposals to open registration is Dec 10thbe accepted this year via Google Form. However Google form instructions forthcoming from Anna. The Google Form will be structured following the wiki page proposal format seen here , with an additional space for presentation needs, and that may wiki page will be pushed back deleted once the form is made. Christina will make a draft and give to early January depending on how firm the budget numbers group for review before putting updated link in the Call text. The updated Call text will also be shared with the group at that time for review. Once proposals form and call arereviewed and approved by group, we will each claim a listserv to email the call to. This will be that person's listserv for further emails throughout rest of organizing work.## Week # Voting: Mechanism to be determined. The Dieboldatron had some issues with structure of preconference proposals - wanted to have broken into AM/PM/Full day; need yes/no voting instead of 0-3 ranking. We will need at least a business week (5 days) of 'voting' to gauge interest, make decisions if there are space constraints. At present, the default is to take the Proposals from the Google form backend and put in some structured way into the wiki, then have people add their names there.## Proposed Accepted timeframe: ### '''Week of 9/30:''' Call for proposals issued sent, immediately after meeting (see post group review of draft call Google form for proposals, review of updated Call text below).### '''11/15''': Proposals deadline- Midnight PST.### '''11/16-11/2024''': Voting via put your name Current plan: migrate proposals from Google form backend to structure on the wiki under session of interest call , have voting occur there through 'add your name to listservwhat you want to attend'. ### '''1112/211-12/45''': Confirm selected sessions along with needs, space, etc with session leaders
### '''12/5''': Have pre-conference schedule in place for public view
# Preconference spacespaces## Overview of space will equal how many sessions can we accept: Looking primarily as using a volunteered small conference center (CHF?) a few blocks from the hotel. This conference center offers free A/V. The hotel has some rooms, but we will need to pay for A/V. Finally, there is a (1) lecture hall a few more blocks away at the American Philosophical Society that is available for use too. Anna will get us details on the spaces for helping sort proposals as they start to come in. Depending on space issues and the number of proposals, we will see if we need to actually not accept any proposals.## Will we need registration limits (and how to determine this in registration page)- see above. Confirmed that there will be spaces held for all preconference leaders to register.## What will presenters need to bring (projects, computers, etc.)- will be added to the google form (see above) then touched on further in confirmation process.# Allyship session- Ada Initiative Ally Training## Participation interest- if the organizer of this event wants to send out separate interest, the group is fine. Uncertainty with this pre-conf group about us officially sending out interest for this one preconference separate from regular preconference proposal and voting procedure. Noted: agreement that is it impossible to tell definite interest in this session until there is a full list of pre-conferences available, as people will change their minds/move aboue. Will defer to the main organizing committee.## Extra fee / Sponsorship- the group is fine with charging an extra fee for this session if the proposal is accepted/LPC decides to hold as code4lib sponsored or special event. Will need to fall to the registration team. # '''Voting method# Overall preference:''' Time-honored method if the organizer of issuing call this event was to Code4Lib listserv asking folks get sponsorship to cover costs, then put their name under in a proposal following the session they are most interested normal route above, that would be easiest. Additionally, putting in attending a proposal then asking extra money be charged in the wikiregistration, and if they donthat't have s okay but not preferred (as it runs the wiki, emailing one of possibility that the pre-conf folks to do so for them. The dieboldatron just Code4lib org will be stuck paying the remainder if turnout doesn't work for hit a certain number). However, the preconf group is ready to defer on this kind question to the decision of voting, alasthe main organizing committee.# Text of call for proposals- to be updated following this meeting and creation of the proposal form.
'''Subject line:''' Call for Code4Lib 2016 Pre-Conference Proposals
Names, Emails of pre-conf committee

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