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## What will presenters need to bring (projects, computers, etc.) - will be added to the google form (see above) then touched on further in confirmation process.
# '''Allyship session - Ada Initiative Ally Training'''
## '''Participation interest''' - if the organizer of this event wants to send out separate interest, the group is finewe are okay with that. Uncertainty with this pre-conf group however about us officially sending out an email asking about interest for this one preconference separate from regular preconference proposal and voting procedure. Noted: agreement amongst ourselves that is it impossible to tell definite interest in this session until there is a full list of pre-conferences available, as people will change their minds/move aboue. Will defer to the main organizing committee.## '''Extra fee / Sponsorship''' - the group is we are fine with charging an extra fee for this session if the proposal is accepted/LPC decides to hold as code4lib sponsored or special event. Will need to fall to the registration team.
## '''Overall preference:''' if the organizer of this event was to get sponsorship to cover costs, then put in a proposal following the normal route above, that would be easiest. Additionally, putting in a proposal then asking extra money be charged in the registration, that's okay but not preferred (as it runs the possibility that the Code4lib org will be stuck paying the remainder if turnout doesn't hit a certain number). However, the preconf group is ready to defer on this question to the decision of the main organizing committee.

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