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Second meeting agenda
# Allyship Preconference Question
## Get responses from LPC
== Second Meeting Notes ==
# Updates from Christina
* Form was sent out - hooray!
* Taking responses until November
* Request from Luke to share email generation script
# Voting Mechanism
* We can do whatever we want in this regard
* Multiple systems available for vote counting
* Decide what is most useful for the committee and go with that
* Can't just do voting based on what is most popular because of concurrent sessions
* Options: wiki sign up, Google Form, etc.
* Data does not need to be distributed, does not need to be in a structured format
* Wiki is a backup plan
* Google form testing
* Look at other possible voting mechanisms
* Have to make sure that people are not actually signing up for a pre-conference session, only an expression of interest
* Christina will set up a test Google Form
# Allyship Preconference
* Anna communicated that the LPC is responsible for making this decision
* General sense that we'd like it to happen but that logistics are a problem
* Drupal pre-con in Raleigh that required a registration fee?
* Pull request to create specific policies for Code of Conduct, comment thread had a suggestion for training that would be useful to committees, LPC began to explore options
* Sponsorship committee will continue to solicit potential sponsors
* LPC will contact presenter and ask to submit as a regular pre-conference
* Main issue is that we do not want to be on the hook to pay the presenter
* Wait to see what the main committee decides
# Other Items
* Send pre-conference proposal reminder one week ahead of deadline
* Email lists sent to for CFP will be the same lists everyone will send to for any other announcements
* Meet again shortly after deadline: 11/16 1PM Eastern
== First meeting notes ==

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