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Code4Lib Chicago

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A "hyperlocal" Code4Lib chapter, which has been in existence since around 2010.
= Mailing ListResources=* '''[!forum/chicode4lib Google Group]'''** Use this to chat about local issues, propose meetings, and let us know about local events. <br />
=Fall 2015 Meeting=
* Daley Library, UIC, Room 1-470
* Watch this space for details.
* '''[ Register via EventBrite]'''
This is still flexible.
<br />
* 8:30: assemble / coffee
* 9:00: start / welcome
* If you have an idea, please sign up for a slot! These are quick, low-pressure talks, and you'll get good karma.
* [ Examples of lightning talks] given at the last national Code4Lib.
<br />
# Distant reading of texts from the HathiTrust, JSTOR, and/or EEBO
#: Eric Lease Morgan (Librarian-At-Large)
* If you have an idea, add it to the list! If we end up with more than four, we will conduct a straw poll to determine the most relevant/popular.
* For inspiration, [ here is the list of pre-conference workshops] at the last national Code4Lib
<br />
# Headless CMSs (Wordpress, Drupal)?
# Meteor.js tutorial?
==15:15: more content, TBD==
* What content do '''you ''' want during this slot? 
==Evening social==
* We're planning on hanging out at [ '''Moxee'''] after the event. More details soon.
==UIC Environs: Lunch and Parking==
==Getting to UIC==
* Public Transit: Take the Blue Line west from the Loop; get off at the UIC-Halsted stop. Walk south.
* '''[ More information on visiting UIC]''', including (better) mass-transit directions
* Parking in a UIC lot will cost $13 for a full day.
* If you're driving, there are several parking lots available (marked on the above map); I recommend the one south of campus (1135 Morgan). Note that no streets connect Harrison with Taylor, including Morgan, between Racine and Halsted; to reach the south lot, come up Morgan from Roosevelt.

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