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2016 Preconference Proposals

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Thank you for considering proposing a pre-conference proposal. Here are a few details:
* We will be are taking pre-conference all Code4Lib 2016 preconference proposals through this form until November 15, 2014* If you cannot or do not want to edit this wiki directly, you can email your proposals to GROUP_EMAIL* Examples from the 11/16/2015 pre-conference sessions can be found at : http://wikibit.code4lib.orgly/2015_preconference_proposals* If you are interested in attending a particular pre-conference, please append your name below c4l16preconf Check that proposal (indicating interest in more than one proposal is fine)* If you have an idea form for a pre-conference, but cannot facilitate yourself please post further information on the idea below and email GROUP_EMAIL* NOTE: Pre-conferences are NOT included in the Code4Lib Conference price and will be held on Monday, March 7th, 2016 preconferences as either full day or half day sessions* Please use the template for proposals provided in the pre-formatted block belowwell.
=== Proposal formatting guidelinesYou can see the Code4Lib 2016 preconference proposals received so far here: ===
=== Preconference Title: === One of:'''"Full Day"''' '''"Half Day [Morning]"''' '''"Half Day [Afternoon]"'''  * Facilitator's name, affiliation, and email address* Second facilitator's name, affiliation, email address, if second speaker Abstract ''Interested in Attending'' If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your name (but Please do not email address, etc.) here ### == Pre-conference Proposals ==Post your ideas hereput any proposals on this page=== Catmandu - a (meta)data toolkit ==='''Half Day [Afternoon]'''* Patrick Hochstenbach, Ghent University Library, Belgium,* Nicolas Steenlant, Ghent University Library, Belgium, [ Catmandu] provides a suite of software modules to ease the import, storage, retrieval, export and transformation of (meta)data records. After a short introduction to Catmandu and its features, we will present the command line interface (CLI) and the domain specific language (DSL). Participants They will not be guided to get data from different sources via APIs, to transform data records to a common data model, to store/index it in Elasticsearch or MongoDB, to query data from stores and to export it to different formatsreviewed. The intended audience is Systems librarians, Metadata librarians, and Data managers. Participants should be familiar with command line interfaces (CLI). Programming experience is not required. Required is a Laptop with VirtualBox installed. Organisers will provide a VirtualBox image (Linux guest system) beforehand. Participants can also install their own environment, see here. Participants could bring their own data (CSV, JSON, MARC, MAB2, PICA+, XLS, YAML). ''Interested in Attending?'' If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your name (but not email address, etc.) here: ###

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