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Preconference 2016 committee 3rd meeting notes
== Third meeting agenda ==
Google hangout, November 16th, 10 AM 1 PM Eastern time
# Voting mechanism
## Assign folks to particular sessions for contact/follow-up purposes
# Other?
== Third meeting Notes ==
Google hangout, November 16th, 1 PM Eastern time
=== Review proposals ===
==== Decide if more space available or can accept all ====
* We would like more rooms to accommodate most / all proposals. This needs to go through LPC, budget-wise. Anna will bring it to that meeting. Will act on assumption that we won't have extra space at the hotels.
* We will also base this decision on voting.
* We can also look at topic area duplication if anything seems egregious.
==== Get framework in place for moving preconferences to spaces as voting/interest measures come in ====
Christina showed us the spreadsheet she was using.
=== Voting mechanism ===
We will not use the dieboldatron. We will use a google form, with the following organization:
* 2 questions, only one answer on each.
* Duplicate "either AM or PM" entries into both questions.
* Duplicate full-day sessions with a note to vote in both time slots.
* Explain the form in pretty significant detail on the form itself.
* specify that we won't be able to take all proposals.
* We will try to open voting noon tomorrow.
==== Move forward with choices ====
Detailed timeline:
(It's tight)
* Voting ends December 2nd (5pm Pacific).
* Notification on the 4th.
* Confirmation by the 7th .
* Final confirmed list ready by end of day on the 7th.
=== Contact point people ===
==== Assign folks to particular sessions for contact/follow-up purposes ====
We will split up the point-presenters among us so that each workshop has a point of contact for info (in both directions)
=== Other? ===
* Future agenda item: Central page on website where we / organizers can post links and instructions.
* What are we responsible for day-of?
** Make sure everyone knows where they're going (between different buildings)
** Once workshops are distributed into rooms, each committee member should be point-person for co-located presenters.
=== Action items ===
* Eric will start putting together our follow-up / confirmation form.
** This can probably be combined with the "speaker profile" form that the website committee desires:
*** discussion:
*** example form:
* Anna will send a link to previously-discussed profile info along with the link to meeting minutes (see links added above).
* Christina will keep working on the form, please help (it's a shared google doc)
* Christina will send out a group email notifying everyone who sent in proposals letting them know that we have a vote / won't accept all workshops this year. This will go out today.
* Anna will communicate with website committee so they can update the site with the timeline.
* Anna will communicate with LPC about hotel space.
== Second meeting agenda ==

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