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## Divide list
## Email session leaders for confirmation of participation by December 7th
## Confirmation part of filling out form?## As people confirm, mark on shared Google doc here:
## Email session leaders form asking for profile information + session requirements, giving room assignment (with warning it may change)
## Warn 1. auditorium folks (code4arc) that they are in an auditorium 2. no AV overflow folks they must provide their own AV
## Ask if 2 geospatial morning workshops would join?
## Say we're working on core space for documentation and they will be notified.
# Shared Documentation Space
# Day of duties
# To do going forward
Draft email to session leaders:
Good afternoon:
We're happy to say that your pre-conference session, [Title], has been voted in for Code4Lib 2016. Thank you again for proposing it.
We currently have you in the [building], room [room name], though this may change between now and the conference. We will alert you to any changes, and you can expect the room assignment to be confirmed at least two weeks before the conference, if not earlier. We are also working on a shared space for pre-conference leaders to share documentation for their sessions - including installation and preparation guidelines - and we will let you know where that is by the end of January, 2016. We will also keep you up-to-date on the number and names of participants for your session, with a final list sent out two weeks before the conference.
To proceed, however, we need you to confirm that you and your co-presenters will be leading this pre-conference session by December 7th, 5 PM Pacific. You do not need to attend the Code4Lib Conference to lead your pre-conference session.
Please confirm by filling out this form, which will ask also for additional information 1. about your pre-conference session needs and requests and 2. about the presenters, to be displayed on the Code4Lib 2016 website. Note, all of the presenter profile information is optional beyond name.
If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this email - I will be your pre-conference contact for any issues between now and the conference.
Thank you again for your participation.
Code4Lib 2016 Preconference Committee
== Third meeting agenda ==

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