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We're happy to say that your pre-conference workshop, [Title], has been voted in for Code4Lib 2016. Thank you again for proposing it. Your session is currently scheduled to be hold in the [AM|PM|Full day] of Monday, March 7th, 2016.
To proceed, we need you to confirm by December 7th, 5 PM Pacific, that you and your co-presenters will be leading this pre-conference workshop. You do not need to attend the Code4Lib Conference to lead your pre-conference session. If you do wish to attend, though we spots will be holding conference registration spots held for the your first 2 pre-conference workshop leaders. Please register as usual when registration opens and follow up with us if you have any problems.
Please confirm by responding to this email as soon as you are able. Once we receive your confirmation, there will be further details shared with you.

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