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2016 Conference Committees

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* Lauren Gala (Local Contact)
* [[User:ChristinaHarlow|Christina Harlow]]
== Onsite Volunteer Committee ==
This committee wrangles <s>tributes</s> people to volunteer for the following duties:
** MC
** Registration
** Session Timers
** Etc.
* (Local Contact)
* (Documentarian)
* (Chair)
== Social Activities ==
This committee works closely with the local programming committee in organizing events outside of conference hours. This committee is in charge of organizing the Newcomer Dinner (traditionally held the night before the first day of the main conference) as well as ensuring that there is a variety of different events to cater to different interests (alcoholic/non-alcoholic, carnivore/vegan, mainstream/niche, and everything in between).
* Becky Yoose (The Seattle Public Library; benevolent dictator for life)
* (Local Contact)
* (Documentarian)
* (Chair)
== Streaming Video Committee ==
With the local program committee(as appropriate), organize the streaming and archiving of presentations at the conference. This could include securing A/V equipment, working with the conference venue w/r/t AV needs, choosing streaming and archiving providers, post-production editing and posting of videos, securing speaker releases for recording talks (?), and, of course, actually running the camera during the conference.
* (Local Contact)
* (Documentarian)
* (Chair)
== Additional Committees... Coming Soon! ==
* Book Give-Away
* Onsite Volunteer
* Social Activities
* Streaming Video
* Voting

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