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How To Plan A Code4LibCon

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Calls for Hosting
===Calls for Hosting===
No one has claimed responsibility for putting out the call and setting the deadline, so for 2014 planning, consider . Consider having this task as the host committee, the voting committee, or perhaps the whatever committee.
* 2008:
* 2014: January 27, 2013
* 2015: January 29, 2014
* 2016:  {|! style="text-align:left;"! Year of call! Call issued! Deadline for submission! Weeks to submit! Voting start! Voting end! Weeks to vote! Announcement|-|2010|5 Feb|5 Mar|-|2011|10 Dec|23 Jan (Sun)|25 Jan (Tue)|9 Feb (3rd day of conf)|10 Feb (last day of conf)|-|2012|1 Dec|22 Jan (Sun)|25 Jan (Wed)|8 Feb (3rd day of conf)|9 Feb (last day of conf)|-|2013|||||15 April?|-|2014|29 Jan|12 Mar (Wed)|14 Mar (Fri)|26 Mar|Thursday; last day of conf|-|2015|8 Jan|20 Feb (Fri)|23 Feb (Mon)|6 Mar|9 Mar (Mon)|}
== Some Suggested Readings ==

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