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* single registration table at hotel. Smaller welcome tables at other venues? with nametags / lists of attendees.
== Next /Seventh Meeting==Late January. Poll here27th, Noon EST, Google Hangouts: http _/calendar/Y21oYXJsb3dAZ21haWwuY29t.qopf1ls6krk3erlh0161l22cik?authuser=0
=== Agenda: ===
1. Review of immediate, open action items (see above)
a. Have all the workshop leaders registered (or decided not to attend)?
b. What's the status for A/V review and meeting needs?
c. Review of latest (final?) room switches based on latest registration numbers. Waitlist covered?
2. Next period for pre-conf (only) registration?
3. Day of help/questions
4. Shared space for documentation - Getting lists of registrants to the workshop leaders
5. Website committee - still needing speaker info? Form?
6. ... (add yours here)
== Sixth Meeting==
Google hangout, January 12th
No notes?
== Fifth meeting ==
Google hangout, December 7th, 1:30 PM Eastern

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