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2016 Social Activities

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The Social Activities Committee Group is working on several events and social opportunities for after conference hours. We will be adding more events as they come upalong. Watch this spacepage!
Feel free Also, if you find a cool event to edit this page go to, and want to share the wealth with others, feel free to add cool the event to the page. :) == Planned Events == === Newcomer Dinner, Monday, March 7th === First time at code4lib? Join fellow c4l newbies and veterans for an evening of food, socializing, and stimulating <strike>discussions about</strike> demonstrations of the many uses of <strike>bacon</strike> <strike>XML</strike> <strike>EZProxy</strike> <strike>LibGuides alternatives</strike> spreadsheets. Code4Lib events veterans, you're invited too. Join us in welcoming the newcomers! '''Plans'''* When: Monday, March 7th* Time: 6 PM (ish) or other cool local stuff whenever you can get your group together* Mastermind (if you have any questions): [ Becky Yoose] ''Guidelines:''*Max of '''6''' per group**Please, no waitlisting**Some restaurants can hold multiple groups of six. It is up to you to investigate the venue to see if this is possible.*ID yourselves so we can get a good mix of new people and veterans in each group**New folks - n**c4l vets - v*One leader needed for each location (declare yourself! - '''Vets are highly encouraged to lead the group''')**Leader duties***Make reservations if required; otherwise make sure that conference attendees may enjoythe restaurant can handle a group of 6 rowdy library tech type folks***Herd folks from hotel to restaurant (know where you're going!)*See a restaurant that's not listed? Feel free to add one, '''but please make sure that it is open that Monday evening.''' '''Restaurant list and dinner sign ups link will be posted on Google Docs mid to late February]'''  == Social Map - Places of Interest== == Ideas == ''Want to see a specific event? Add your own ideas here...'' == Local Food ==  === Restaurants === === Donuts ===  === Desserts === === Coffee === == Local Drinks == === Bars === === Breweries === === Bottle Shops and Taprooms ===  == Philadelphia Events == === Saturday and Sunday, March 5 & 6 ===  === Monday, March 7 ===  === Tuesday, March 8 ===  === Wednesday, March 9 ===  === Thursday, March 10 ===  === All days ===  ==Getting Around==  [[Category:Code4Lib2016]]

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