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== Outstanding Actions Items and Timeframes ==
* Pull together list of volunteer needs for day-of. Try to have crystalized 2 weeks before
** Contact info for organizers - put in Google Drive Main working document: also covers disseminating contact info for APS, CHF, LPC, and Concentra folks.
** Know who support staff is at each location
** Know wifi password / encourage people to only use 1 device on wifi.
* Info for presenters
** Please fill out profile form Remind speakers to presenters. Link:** Please get a head count of attendees; these numbers will be helpful to future organizing committees.** Please remind Remind speakers to ask people to only use wifi with one device.** Where / how to post links, other intro materials about their session.*** Submit a pull request to the website. on github at**** navigate to _posts/ and find your session (will begin with '2016-03-0-7')**** Please don't edit the structured data area, marked off with '---' above and below. Any content below the structured data can be edited as you desire!*** If you aren't comfortable submitting a pull request, please send us your changes or additions and we will take care of it for you!** Assurance that we will get them a Final list of attendees / contact info (deadline? LPC discussed closing pre-con-only registration 2 weeks out. Is 1.5 weeks enough time for this?)
* single registration table at hotel. Smaller welcome tables at other venues? with nametags / lists of attendees.
* Agreed: workshop times: AM 9-12, PM 1:30-4:30
* Projector, screen, tables, chairs, wifi of varying capability all confirmed for each workshop space.
== Last Meeting ==
Ferbaruy 23th, 11 EST, Google Hangouts
=== Agenda: ===
* Review of action items (see above)
* Are we okay with status of A/V requests? Any outstanding A/V issues should be noted in Main Working Document, emailed to group.
* When will we have numbers/updated lists from pre-conf only registration?
* Day of help/questions - clear on needs, volunteers?
* ... (add yours here)
== Seventh Meeting ==

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