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2016 Social Activities

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Wednesday, March 9: Adding "Design for Real Life" Book Release Party
[ French Horn Rebellion, Mystery Skulls] - No French Horns were harmed in the making of these beats
[ South Philadelphia Hackerspace Open House 7-9 PM ] If interested, add name to list [ Open house @ Hive 76 Ride Share list]  [ "Design for Real Life" Book Release Party] - 6:00PM - 8:00PM, Frankford Hall, 1210 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia Sara [Wachter-Boettcher] and [Eric Meyer] will be hosting, with incredibly generous support from A Book Apart and [ PhillyCHI], [ a launch party at Frankford Hall] in Philadelphia.  We’ll be providing some munchies, some tasty adult beverages, and there will be giveaways of both paper and digital copies of the [ book].  We’d love to see you there!  If you can make it, please do RSVP at that link, so we know how much food to order.
=== Thursday, March 10 ===

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