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2016 Social Activities

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Tune those axes and crank up the volume as Science After Hours travels into a world of lost inhibitions—we’ll take you from Woodstock to Punk Rock celebrating all things rock and roll!
Learn how instruments are designed to produce different sounds and the science of how those sounds reach your brain. Rock out to the science of pyrotechnics, ... an evening better than a trip to Bonnaroo (or, at least, more scientific). $15 (Purchase Tickets in advance)
[ SUPER! Karaoke starting @9pm w/ @singyourlifekaraoke] @ 12 Steps Down - 9pm+
A bar + mic + liberal amounts of bathroom graffiti = Tuesdays at 12 Steps Down. Gritty and by all accounts glorious though be warned: A smoking venue.
=== Wednesday, March 9 ===

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