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2016 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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I have been working on a project to automate transcription for a digitized audio oral history collection. This talk will cover: how I automated transcription; how I got the finished audio files and transcripts into our Islandora digital repository; problems that I'm still trying to figure out solutions for; and what I learned along the way.
'''Batch-loading E-Electronic Serials Recordswhile Maintaining High Quality Bibliographic Control''' - Jamie Carlstone, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: I will go over the workflow challenges of batch loading electronic serials MARC records while trying to maintain a high standard of quality. The process requires a circular workflow between OCLC Connexion, MarcEdit, Excel, and Microsoft Access that is far from ideal. I will also discuss a program I am working on that aims to improve upon this process.
'''Evergreen, From the Bottom Up''' - Dan Wells, Calvin College:
'''Change''' - Ranti Junus and Megan Kudzia, Michigan State University
How do we make our organization|unit|team more accepting of change? How do we overcome preference vs. best practice? How do we know when a change is not the right answer? These are probably questions that we asked when a change is needed. Let's discuss the approach we employed on making change happens, or when we see that our vision of change is not what we think it should be. What works or doesn't for you?
===Lightning Talks===

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