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How to hack code4lib

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with demise of in 2013, Code4Lib Friday Jams appears to have moved. Cite:
=== Take a sip from the firehose ===
There are lots of places where things are happening, allowing you to choose the mediums of engagement you are most comfortable with and interested in. Definitely get on the [ email list]. In addition to that, Code4lib has a [ blog] to stuff in your feed reader. But if you want to see what's going on in code4lib check out the [ planet] aggregator of blogs from code4lib folks. If you have a blog and want it listed there ask jrochkind in [irc:// irc]. You can also follow [ code4lib on twitter], or consider following code4lib twitter users via code4lib lists from [ eby] or [ mjgiarlo]. There is also a [ LinkedIn] group you can join for more "professional" networking. A [ Code4Lib subreddit] was also recently added. If you like to work to music and share with the code4lib community, check out [httphttps://turntableplug.fmdj/code4lib_friday_jams code4lib-friday-jams Code4Lib Friday Jams]. If you're interested in being in the know about the annual Code4Lib Conference, then you should get on the [!forum/code4libcon code4libcon Google Group].

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