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2017 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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== Juan Benet ==
California-native Juan Benet works at Protocol Labs, and is the original designer behind the IPFS (Inter-planetary File System) protocol [1]. According to very smart people (Vint Cerf, Brewster Kahle, and Tim Berners-Lee, to name a few)[2], decentralized networks are the future of the web and IPFS is at the cutting edge of this technology. The impact on digital preservation alone is enormous. In a lecture at Stanford last year, Juan did a deep dive of IPFS and discussed the principles they followed to to make sure that their protocol would get used and adopted, and not simply be a cool experiment [3]. Addition bio info at the Stanford Computer Forum website [4].
[1] []
[2] [Inventors of the Internet Are Trying to Build a Truly Permanent Web]
[3] [Stanford Seminar: IPFS and the Permanent Web]
[4] [Juan Benet Bio (via Stanford Computer Forum)]

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