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NECode4lib 2016

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Optional happy hour/dinner
"How does your library exist in the Linked Data world? Is it a foaf:Organization, a schema:Organization, org:Organization, etc? Once you've decided that, what properties does your library have? For example, is it called by an rdfs:label, or skos:prefLabel, or dcterms:title, or something else entirely? These questions don't have a single correct answer, and therein lies the challenge of modeling data in RDF. Whether it's descriptive metadata, digital object relationships, or places, people, and things, you need to understand the options for mapping data and the pros and cons each mapping brings. This workshop will not be a presentation, but a collaboration: we are relying on attendees to provide concepts they've struggled to map in the Linked Data world. We would then go through the process of discussing as a group how to map those concepts and see if we can come to agreement as to the best approach(es)."
===Optional happy hour/dinner===
[ Hangar Pub & Grill]

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