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2017 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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11:00-12:00 Wrap-up
==Programming Sign-up==
Code4Lib Midwest programming depends on the folks attending the conference. Please consider giving a presentation or lightning talk, or submitting your ideas for a hackfest/breakout session.
Share what you are working on! Add your name and a description below. Please also let us know how long you'll need, and whether you prefer Wednesday or Thursday (or if it doesn't matter). If you don't have a wiki account and don't want to sign up for one, please email [].
===Presentations ===
'''Digital Preservation at Loyola University Chicago''' - Margaret Heller (and possibly others), Loyola University Chicago
We made the vended choice for digital preservation, but what does that actually mean in practice?
===Lightning Talks===
===Breakout Sessions===

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