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Southeast 2017 Schedule

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| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| All Together Now: AUC Woodruff Library's Collaborative Coding Interest Group
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Joshua Hogan, Metadata & Digital Resources Librarian, and Justin DeLa Cruz, Unit Head, E-Learning Technologies, Atlanta University Center, Woodruff Library
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| In the spring of 2016 librarians and other staff members at the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library began to discern a need for enhancing staff skills in computer programming and information technology. Staff members across many departments were keen to enhance their skills to work with digital asset management programs, online materials, websites and library guides, or automating repetitive tasks. Accordingly, librarians from the Digital Services Department and the E-Learning Technologies Department began meeting to plan the formation of a collaborative group. The Coding Interest Group, as it became known, was created to enhance learning and maintain motivation through peer mentorship and shared experience. This presentation will focus on the experiences the group has had as a collaborative group, learning and teaching new skills together. It also aims to provide recommendations on how to establish similar initiatives in other libraries. Tips on best practices and reflections on improvement will also be included. '''[ Slides - PDF format]Link to presentation]'''

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