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Southeast 2017 Schedule

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| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Coding the Encyclopedia: Wiki Markup for Beginners
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Jenn Young Educational Analyst, and Courtney Baron,Teaching and Learning Librarian at Oxford College, Emory University
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Have you been interested in editing Wikipedia, but aren't sure how to get started? Do you already use Wikipedia's WYSIWYG editor and want to expand your editing capabilities? Wiki markup allows you to edit and create new articles and add diverse features to Wikipedia pages. Whether you're new to editing Wikipedia or have some experience, you'll learn how to code your way through the world's largest online general reference work at this deep-dive session. [ Link to presentation][https://wikidrive.code4libgoogle.orgcom/Southeast_2017_Schedule open?id=0B4JPd_zEe4gTVUliajM1SVZ1VU0 Folder with presentation, cheatsheet and information links]

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