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May 12, 2017 - Program Committee Agenda

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== Meeting Information ==
**Facilitating**: Aaron Collier**Zoom link**: []**Time**: 10am(PST)/1pm(EST)**Note Taker: *TBD*
1. Review [Code4Lib Code of Conduct)[]
2. Introductions
3. Confirm/determine meeting Schedule
..a. Is this day & time good, and if so what frequency?
..b. Timeline: *review approx. timeline from 2016/2017*
4. Discuss 2017 Lessons Learned
..a. Panel
..b. Voting options
..c. Timing announcements and voting with other committees (precons, etc)
..d. Thank you notes
..e. Poster session
5. Additional Agenda Items?
6. Note taker for next meeting?

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