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Code4Lib Norcal 2017

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We're holding a free Code4Lib Northern California (NorCal) regional meeting & unconference on '''August 10, 2017'''. This meeting will be held at '''Lathrop Library, Room 282, Stanford University''' (518 Memorial Way, Stanford, CA 94305).
The day will be a mix of planned and impromptu sessions, workshops, lightning talks, and break-outs. We welcome all participants and folks with any interest in Code4Lib Community and/or library technology.
== Schedule & Call for Sessions ==
We want this event to be a mix of both unscheduled and impromptu unconference-influenced sessions as well as prepared workshops and presentations. This can help bring folks together to work, learn and play, but also frame the work (and play) being done.
Below is our general schedule for the Code4Lib NorCal 2017 Event, but you’re encouraged to read and add your ideas, proposals, interest, or comments to [ our interactive Schedule Google Doc]
* 10 - Noon: Full Group: Lightning Talks
* Noon - 1:30 PM: Lunch (on your own)
* 1:30 - 2:45 PM: Workshops & Break-outs
* 2:45 - 3 PM: Transition / Break
* 3 - 4:15 PM: Workshops & Break-outs
* 4:15 - 4:30 PM: Transition / Break
* 4:30 - 5 PM: Full Group: Wrap-up & Planning Code4Lib NorCal Going Forward
* 5 - 6 PM: Tear down
We are currently calling for folks to propose lightning talks, workshops, or informal breakout sessions. You can propose any of these in our schedule document, linked to below. The interactive schedule will have any proposed sessions, a place to express interest in breakouts or workshops, and our list of lightning talks! Explanations of the format and mix of impromptu and prepared sessions can be found in that interactive schedule. There will be a chance to propose a few limited sessions at the event as well.
[ Interactive Schedule Google Doc]
== Registration Link ==
We still have plenty of room for the event, so will be leaving the registration open until the day before. Join us!
Please register [ here]. Note that registration is free, but we do have a few requests:
# you will be expected to follow the Code4Lib NorCal Code of Conduct;
# if you are unable to attend, please let us know so we can keep our numbers up to date;# we will close registration 1 week before the event or when we hit our maximum registration number (whichever occurs first) so register now!.
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