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2018 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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==Whitni Watkins==
Whitni Watkin’s carefully curated set of hard skills, spanning ILSes, languages, and operating systems, allow allows her to thrive as a web services engineer at one of the United States’ largest technology corporations, serving over 100,000 customers worldwide. But it is Ms. Watkins’ passion for creating empathetic communities at the intersection of technology, libraries, and education that set her apart as a thoughtful technologist with an uncanny ability to understand not only computer systems but also the social systems in which technologists work. This passion has led her to work with Girls Who Code, to establish Boston’s LibTechrs meetup group which is open to all with an interest in technology, to lead the Massachusetts Library Association’s technology group, and to encourage women to enter technology fields and to feel accepted and confident in those fields. A sought-after public speaker, having spoken at Electronic Resources & Libraries, Code4Lib, and ALA Annual and MidWinter, as well as many other conferences in the United States and Canada, including as Keybote Keynote at EBSCO Presents, Ms. Watkins would craft and deliver a keynote that brings us together from our diverse viewpoints and ready us for the conference for people who code for libraries.
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