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2018 Keynote Speakers Nominations

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Some pertinent history/biography/hyperlinks that elucidates why Jane would be a good keynote speaker.
== Chris Bourg ==
Chris Bourg is the Director of Libraries at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where she also has oversight of the MIT Press. Prior to assuming her role at MIT, Chris worked for 12 years in the Stanford University Libraries, most recently as the Associate University Librarian for Public Services.
Chris is keenly interested in issues of diversity and inclusion in higher education; and in the role libraries play in advancing social justice and democracy. She is currently serving as Chair of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion of the Association of Research Libraries and has written and spoken extensively on diversity, inclusion, and leadership.
Chris has a PhD in Sociology from Stanford University, and spent 10 years as an active duty U.S. Army officer, including 3 years on the faculty at the United States Military Academy at West Point.
[ "What happens to libraries and librarians when machines can read all the books?" - 2017 talk about the role of machine learning and AI in libraries]
[ "Libraries, technology, and social justice" - Access 2016 keynote address]
[ Blog]
[ Twitter]
== Terry Brady ==

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