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Fiscal Sponsorship Working Group

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Draft MOU: fix link
== Draft MOU ==
[[FileMedia:Draft_C4L-CLIRDLF_MoU.pdf|Draft Memorandum of Understanding]]
=== Text of MOU ===
* Set conference budgets to support an annual administrative fee of $5,000 to CLIR/DLF, meant to offset costs of accounting, auditing, coordination, and processing of transactions.
* Maintain a yearly balance of a minimum of $25,000 in the C4L account managed by CLIR/DLF. CLIR/DLF would appreciate but not require acknowledgment as fiscal sponsor on C4L conference materials and websites. In the event that no LPC emerges from the C4L Community in a given year, CLIR/DLF will bear no responsibility to organize the annual conference. Either party may terminate this MoU after good-faith settling of accounts and with adequate notice to prevent disruption of current conference planning.
== Resources ==
* [[FCIG_Report|Report of the Fiscal Continuity Interest Group]]

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