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A two-year project to develop the next-generation architecture for the Portico archive of e-journals, e-books, and other electronic scholarly content was the occasion for Portico staff to step back and consider, not just what that architecture should be, but also where it should be. Should we continue to host all of our ingest, archiving, management, and access systems in our current data centers, or should we leverage the elasticity of established cloud infrastructures, with easy hardware scalability (both vertical and horizontal) as well as well-developed DevOps and other software tools? Come walk through the process Portico undertook to develop the criteria for making this choice, the decisions we reached, and why.
===Nathan Ryckman, Jim Hahn, HOOT + ELF + FOLIO = Awesome Borrowing Experience for Consumer Electronics===
This presentation is a report of developer experiences building new apps on the FOLIO platform. A development grant from the EBSCO FOLIO Innovation Challenge ( ) made it possible for a software prototyping team to allocate sustained time integrating custom technology loan apps into the platform. The custom circulation software includes the HOOT app: and the Equipment Loan Form--ELF: . The overall design approach for this project is to support extensibility of meta-services.
===Ian Walls, My Library Account and the Curricular Support Materials Web Service===

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