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2018 Streaming Video Documents

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| Backup camera on screen || Panasonic SDR-S50 || Composite || Peter || Backup for capturing projected content
| HDMI to USB3 || Blackmagic Shuttle (USB3), Qty 2 || || Peter || Purchased One purchased previously by Code4Lib local host committees
| HDMI cables || || 1m, 3m || Peter ||
| Audo digitizer || Behringer UFO202 || || Peter || Might be able to use a Shuttle to do this
| Composite cable || || 1m || Peter ||
* Although we haven't needed them, each of the times I've done video streaming I've brought two inexpensive consumer hand-held camcorders as backups.  (One to point at the speaker and one to point at the screen showing the slides.)  I can test with that equipment at home and know that it works.  If I do ever find some incompatibility with in-house A/V equipment, I have a viable alternative to stream at least something out to the online audience.
* Plan to spend some time with the A/V tech folks as they are setting up the day before. Getting video right is tough as it usually involves fiddling with resolution and frequency settings in mimoLive until you find a combination that works right. Give each setting change in mimoLive Blackmagic 'Source' configuration a few seconds to take effect before trying the next as sometimes it takes a while for the settings to sync to the incoming video stream. The setting that has worked in both 2017 and 2018 is 1080i59.95, but each time it has taken adjustments from the A/V crew's source video switch to make that work.
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