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2018 Streaming Video Documents

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== YouTube Streaming Setup ==
Links below and thumbnails to the right bring up a larger sized image.  You can set up all of the events in advance of the conference.# [[:File:Streaming-Create_event,_step_1.png|Create event on YouTube]] [[File:Streaming-Create_event,_step_1.png|thumbnail|Create event, step 1]]# [[:File:Streaming-Create_event,_step_2.png|Set advanced settings for YouTube event]] [[File:Streaming-Create_event,_step_2.png|thumbnail|Create event, step 2]]# [[:File:Streaming-Create_event,_step_3.png|Set thumbnail and stream key for YouTube event]] [[File:Streaming-Create_event,_step_3.png|thumbnail|Create event, step 3]] Use mimoLive to start streaming to the appropriate YouTube event.# [[:File:Streaming-Start_stream.png|Start streaming from mimoLive]] [[File:Streaming-Start_stream.png|thumbnail|Start stream]]
== Thoughts ==

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