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Fiscal Sponsorship Working Group

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== Draft MOU Memorandum of Understanding ==
[[Media:Draft_C4L-CLIRDLF_MoU.pdf|Draft Memorandum of Understanding]]
=== Text = ''What is a Memorandum of Understanding? How is it different from a contract?'' ====:: A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU ) is a written agreement between parties that formally states their intention to cooperate, and outlines the requirements, roles, and responsibilities of each party in order to clarify how the parties will work together. An MOU is different from a contract in that an MOU is not legally binding or enforceable. For this reason, an MOU can be used to clarify roles and responsibilities in situations in which the parties working together may not be legally recognized as official or separate entities. Therefore an MOU can be used to create a specific agreement and outline terms of cooperation for situations in which a binding contract is not possible. :: More information on MOUs is available at the link below. :: Article on MOUs vs. Contracts, by Change Lab Solutions, a nonprofit organization that focuses on public health advocacy: === Text of the draft Memorandum of Understanding between CLIR/DLF and the Code4Lib community ===
(This text version is provided as a convenience; the PDF version should be considered authoritative in case of discrepancy.)

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